a Fixin' for a Vixen

a Fixin'
a Vixen

When you need a little help to unwind, relax, or just to get through the day, let Queen Mary guide you on your way

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Who are we?

Our Why

Queen Mary is a brand designed for today’s everyday women which focuses on the Professional Woman and Stay-at-Home mom. We are reinventing the old cliché’ that marijuana is a drug reserved for stoners to sit around behind closed doors and simply just get high. Today’s woman has so much on her plate, the pressure of her responsibilities and obligations can become overwhelming. Over the last two decades alone the rise in the use of prescribed depressants, stimulants and opiates have led to addictions and overdoses at an alarming rate. Having witnessed this destruction in our own family, Queen Mary is a brand designed to give women back their power and vivify their day.

Whether you need stress relief, a boost of energy or help getting a good night sleep Queen Mary is more than a brand it’s a homage to today’s woman. It’s time to straighten our crowns and be a queen.

About Us

As a Tier 1 Social Equity Recipient, I grew up in one of the lowest income zip codes in LA. I have witnessed the war on drugs and personally experienced the strain and disproportionate impact it had on my friends, family and neighbors first hand. I am the first generation in my family to graduate college and my course of study was Public Relations and Advertising. My fourth grade teacher once told me I would be famous one day for my remake of the song “Anything You can do I can do Better”. My competitive nature and “Go get em” frame of mind have kept me dedicated to my vision of making a difference and advocating for social injustice.

Tiana Woodruff
Owner and CEO